Stronger the Second Time Around - Terra Cotta Restoration Services

Terra Cotta


735 North Water Street

History: One of the last designs of Daniel Burnham, this building served as the original headquarters for the first Wisconsin National Bank, which was completed in 1914. This 16 - story Milwaukee landmark has several distinctive architectural features; including a massive projected cornice and parapet adorned the top of the building, architectural urns located on the 16th floor windowsills, and a massive granite base that comprises the two ground floors.

Scope: Complete replacement of cornice structural steel and replacement of fractured terra cotta units.

Challenge: Accessing work area above river and Milwaukee’s busiest downtown street. Deconstruction of large ten-pieces terra cotta assemblage for future reinstallation.

Result: Designed and built caneliever suspended scaffolding off the roof. Rebuilt steel and terra cotta cornice with new anchorage design and integral flashing and weep system.

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