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Pabst Mansion

History: Built by the beer baron Frederick Pabst, the Pabst Mansion is a Renaissance revival home constructed over a twelve-year period starting in 1890. Architect George Bowman Ferry designed the house, creating one of the finest residences in the City of Milwaukee. In 1896, the Annex was added by disassembling the beer pavilion from the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago and reassembling on site adjacent to the Mansion.

Scope: Restoration of terra cotta assemblies and design and installation of new terra cotta units to return to historically correct façade.

Challenge: To design and artistically create the terra cotta mold from original photographs. Disassemble, save, and reinstall existing terra cotta in order to repair structural steel anchorage systems.

Result: Mansion restoration completed in 2009 with integral flashing systems and historically correct terra cotta assemblies and downspouts.

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