Stronger the Second Time Around - Masonry Rebuilding

Masonry Rebuilding


Gulf Cone Building

History: Built in 1903 and located in Dallas, Texas, the Gulf Cone Building originally served as the facility for the Hughes Brothers Manufacturing Company, which produced vinegars, baking powders, and jellies. But in 1940, the building became the Gulf Cone Building, making ice cream cones until 1996. After restoration, the building was converted to loft apartments.

Scope: Installation of masonry opening on solid brick façade. Rebuild parapet walls. Remove and rebuild elevator shafts.

Challenge: Providing window openings through five wythe thick brick masonry walls, including structural steel lintels. Rebuilding parapets over unstable masonry walls.

Result: Building with modern upgrades (windows, doors, clerestory) while preserving historic fabric. Stabilized masonry veneers.

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