Stronger the Second Time Around - Facade Cleaning

Facade Inspection


735 North Water Street

History: Designed by Daniel Burnham and completed in 1914 as the original headquarters for the first Wisconsin National Bank. This 16 –story Milwaukee landmark has several distinctive architectural features; including a massive projected cornice and parapet adorned the top of the building, architectural urns located on the 16th floor windowsills, and a massive granite base that comprises the two ground floors.

Scope: Investigate terra cotta and masonry failures at various levels of the façade.

Challenge: Accessing all areas of the façade up to and including the 440 linear feet of cornice on the East, North and West elevations without obstructing the view of the tenant space below and providing a safe work area.

Result:Up close and hands-on investigation led to detailed design scope for repairs. Installation of high-density safety netting at second floor provided safety while not obstructing tenant views.

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